the herbal room

botanical therapy + naturopathic wellness center

Dr. Reale creates personalized herbal tinctures, tailored to treat your condition using over 30 botanical herbs. Tinctures may be prescribed on their own or in combination with other naturopathic supplements.

  • What is a botanical tincture?
    • A tincture is a liquid form of herbal medicine that is made from plants to treat a variety of medical conditions. The medicinal parts of the plant are extracted using many different techniques so that the most useful parts of the plant are used. In most cases, alcohol is used to extract the medicinal parts of the herb, but glycerite alternatives are available for children and those sensitive to alcohol. Patients will usually take a tincture 1 to 3 times per day in a small amount of water, as prescribed by their doctor.


  • What are the benefits of a tincture over natural supplements?
    • Many companies offering natural supplements have created formulas in capsule or pill form to deliver herbs without the need for patients to swallow a liquid tincture. While this is sometimes the most convenient option for the patient, prescribing an herbal tincture allows the doctor to combine herbs at the time of the visit to treat the patient's unique, specific condition. This can often prove cost-effective because it eliminates the need to buy separate, pre-formulated supplements, allowing the doctor to target specific protocols using the most useful herbs for that condition. Going forward, the doctor can tailor the treatment by changing the tincture's ingredients or proportions, allowing for a truly personalized remedy that's best for you.


  • How effective is a liquid tincture over herbal supplements? 
    • All of our herbs are purchased from reliable and quality sources, who practice sustainable harvesting and use organic ingredients when possible.  Additionally, botanical tinctures are often standardized to ensure that the appropriate amount of chemical constituents are delivered in each batch to deliver the best results. 


  • Are tinctures safe for everyone?
    • Just like other forms of medicine, including pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional formulas, botanical tinctures may have side-effects and can interact with other herbs or medications. Please notify Dr. Reale of all medications and supplements you are currently taking so that he can prescribe an effective and safe remedy.