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Why see a naturopathic nutritionist?

A detailed nutritional assessment is part of any patient visit to The Herbal Room. It can be difficult deciding which diet is right for you and effective, true weight loss can be an uphill battle. Dr. Reale will work with you to create a realistic and balanced dietary plan that is as unique as you. Additionally, as a licensed physician, Dr. Reale may order laboratory tests aimed at uncovering nutritional imbalances that conventional doctors often overlook. In most cases, these tests are covered by your insurance provider. 

While all Naturopathic Physicians are highly trained in the field of Nutrition, choosing a doctor with a dedicated degree in Human Nutrition ensures that your dietary questions will be best answered and that your protocol will be just right for you. 

The Herbal Room offers a 4 week weight loss program, designed to combine nutritional counseling with a comprehensive detoxification protocol. Lab tests may be ordered as needed (typically covered by most insurance plans).

This package includes:

  • Four (4) visits (45-60 minutes) with Dr. Reale to discuss weight loss goals and weekly progress
  • Detailed dietary meal plan, customized to address food allergies & intolerances, meal preferences, and adjusted to your budget
  • Exercise plan to maximize weight loss and reach long-term goals
  • Designs for Health 14-day Detoxification Kit ($178 value), including twice daily meal shakes and capsules and to enhance liver function 
  • Lab test evaluation: blood & urine tests to assess nutritional status and thyroid function may be ordered at the first visit. Dr. Reale will also evaluate previous lab test results at this time, if available.

Please contact our office for pricing and specials!